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FULL Membership (£75 per year) is available to individuals who have a proven track record in crafting the moving image.

ASSOCIATE Membership (£50 per year) is available to individuals who do not meet the qualifications of a Full Member but who are engaged in crafting the moving image.
Editors working as Post Production Supervisors are also eligible for Associate Membership of the GBFTE.

STUDENT Membership (£10 per year) is available to persons undertaking a course in screen editing or gaining experience in the craft of editing. A maximum of three years in this category is allowed before then considering a move to Associate or Full Membership.

Membership of the Guild is by invitation from the Board of Governors. Editors (or editing students) wishing to become members may apply direct or be proposed by an existing member; two existing Guild members must agree that the criteria for joining (as outlined above) have been met before any application or nomination for membership can be considered by the Board of Governors.

Only Full Members and Associate Members have the right to use GBFTE or GBFTE (Assoc) on their personal credit.

We regularly run Open Evenings to enable editors and assistant editors to meet Guild members and find out more about how the Guild works. If you would like to attend one of these events please contact the Guild Secretary who will inform you when and where they are being held. Details of these evenings will also be available on the Events page of this website.
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