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Zeb Achonu
Eastenders; Bear Grylls Survival School; Watchdog
Justin Amsden
Millenium; Panorama (Specials); Street Dance
Tim Arrowsmith
Columbus - The Lost Voyage; The Woodlanders; The Life of Muhammad
Derek Bain
Midsomer Murders; Ultimate Force Series II
Sarjit Bains
Triads, Yardies & Onion Bhajees; Inside the West Wing; Cash and Curry
Stuart Baird
Skyfall; Vantage Point; Casino Royale (2006)
Cristina Balduin (Student)
Katia (Short); Exitus (Short)
Steve Barnes
Harry's Arctic Heroes; Tribal Wives; Celebrity Alone in the Wild
Sean Barton
Sweeney Todd (2006); Jason and the Argonauts (2000); Quadrophenia (1979)
Simon Battersby
One Born Every Minute; What Do Artists Do All Day? - Jack Vettriano; Secret Knowledge (eps)
Sam Baxter
Total Wipeout; Prize Island; Phil Lynott: The Outlaw
Gary Beelders
Panorama-Saving Syria's Children; Toughest Place to be a Taxi Driver; Panorama-FIFA's Dirty Secrets
Chris Beresford
Britain from Above; Dispatches(various); Panorama: Homs: Journey into Hell
Howard Berry (Assoc)
From Borehamwood to Hollywood; Staircases to Nowhere; Revisiting The Elstree Story
Juan Manuel Biaiñ
Article 12; Vice Reports; The Reich Re-enactors
Ed Bishop
John Blackwell
Midsomer Murders (12 eps); Ultimate Force (6 eps); Night Flight (asst editor)
Roberta Bononi (Assoc)
Polyland; Maremmamara; Fallen Soldiers
Jeffrey Boult
Diabetes Matters; How Do They Do It - Series 8 (Editor/Colourist); Spain's Stolen Babies (Online Editor)
Mike Bradsell
Women in Love; Local Hero; Wilde
Rona Buchanan (Assoc)
Full Metal Jacket (trainee); Afraid of the Dark (2nd Asst Ed); War of the Buttons (Asst Ed)
Douglas Bunnage-Flavell (Assoc)
Ancient Black Ops (Asst Ed); Secrets of the Bible (Asst Ed); Midnight Oil: Our Girl (eps)
Chris Butler
Choice Point; Pull Together; The Culture Show (BBC Bursary Editor)
Julian Caidan
The Met-Policing London; Driving School of Mum & Dad; Dancing Cheek to Cheek
Leo Carlyon
Chas and Dave - Last Orders; How to Cook Like Heston; The 1951 Festival of Britain: A Brave New World
Rob Chandler
Air Crash Investigation; The Charter; The Next Step
Colin Chapman
Waking the Dead 2005; Rosemary and Thyme; Belonging (all as Supervising Sound Editor)
Christopher CF Chow
The Sky in Bloom; Social Suicide; White Colour Black
Scott Clements (Assoc)
Between Lambs and Lions; How Not to Disappear Completely; Jumper (VFX Image Manager)
Fiona Colbeck
Informer; Sense8; The Missing
Emma Collins
The Cage; United We Fall; The Calling
Harry Connolly
Educating Cardiff; Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America in Crisis (both as Film Ed); Sherlock Holmes[2009](Avid Asst uncred)
Kevin Connor
Young Winston; Magic Christian; Oh What a Lovely War (1968)
Gonçalo Sá Correia (Student)
The Undertaker; Margot Learns French; Docklands (all shorts)
Chris Crookall (Assoc)
Moving On (Ep 3); Stan Lee's Lucky Man (Asst Ed); Close to the Enemy (Asst Ed)
Malcolm Crowe
Fearless; Prime Suspect 1973; Eddie the Eagle (associate editor)
Michael Crozier
How to Start a Revolution; The Dolphins of Shark Bay; Everest: Beyond the Limit
Todd Dalton
Panorama (various); Despatches (Various); Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2015
Lilly Zinan Ding
D'Ora; Anubis Unlocked; Style Stars
James Dingle
The Three of Us; Rise of the Foot Soldier II
Farrah Drabu (Assoc)
Ill Manors; Discord (short); Welcome to the Resistance (short)
Mark Easton
Royal Cousins at War; Panorama - Undercover Care:The Abuse Exposed; Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy
Renee Edwards
Dispatches (eps); Panorama (eps); One Note at a Time
Jamie Estrada-Torres
The Browning Version; All About Desire (documentary); Puritan
Andrew C Evans
The Highest Court in the Land; Gypsy Child Thieves; How to Look Good Naked
Dicky Everton
Top Gear; War Art with Eddie Redmayne; Undercover Boss (all as on-line editor)
Ariadna Fatjo-Vilas
City of Cranes; The Act of Killing; A Doctor's Sword
Steven Forrester
Gallowwalker; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Additional VFX); Troy (Additional VFX)
Evie Franks
Greenland: Secrets in the Ice; The Islamic State (Short Doc); Ghosts of Aleppo
Paul Garrick
The Prisoner (2010); Poirot: Appointment with Death; Lost in Austen Eps 1
Adam Garstone
Horizon; Imagine - Books: The Final Chapter?; Paper Drawer
Alex Gollner (Assoc)
Crimson; No Lady; It's Cold Outside
Pilar Gomez-Igbo (Student)
A Haunted House (short); Every Me, Every You (short)
Colin Goudie
Monsters; Florence Nightingale; Lusitania
Jon Gregory
I Could Never be Your Woman; Chasing Liberty; Ned Kelly
Jono Griffith
The Other Final; Bill Bailey: Tinselworm; The Thing
John Grover
Forest of the Gods; Hairy Tale; Licence to Kill
Karla Guimaraes
Clone; Road of Peace; There is a Day
Celia Haining
Slumdog Millionaire (Assembly Editor); The Disappeared; The Deaths of Ian Stone
Chris Hainstock
A Boatload of Wild Irishmen; The Magic of Swan Lake; Jonathan Creek
Anthony B Ham
Eddie Hamilton
X-Men: First Class; Kingsman: The Secret Service; Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
Les Healey
1492 Conquest of Paradise; Highlander; Blade Runner;
Stefan Henrix
Drew Hill
Bringing up Baby 2007; The Choir; The Greatest Trick on Earth
Marc Hoeferlin (Assoc)
Tales of the Grim Sleeper; Whitney: Can I Be Me; Going Going Gone: Nick Broomfield's Disappearing Britain
Steven Hollis
Teletubbies; Real Crime; Countrywise
Georgia Holloway (student)
Colin J Hughes (Student)
Little America; Damascus Cover(on-line ed); Monsoon (Snr on-line ed)
David Jacobs
Operatunity; The House of War; True Face of War
Documentaries IMDb Credits
Victoria Jazwiecka (Student)
Film Festival Chronicles: Etudia and Anima; 20 Minutes (short); Back and Forth (Short)
Michael Johns
Alan Jones
The Bill 2005; New Tricks 2005; Inspector Lynley 2003
Eddy Joseph
Amadeusz Jozwiak (Student)
Benoit Delhomme Interview - Crane TV; Sebastiano Mauri Interview - Crane TV; Double Impact - Tales of Turmoil (TV)
Kereen Karim
Director: Alan Clarke; Out of this World (1 ep); François Truffaut: The Man Who Loved Cinema - Love & Death
Chris Kelly
Family Affairs 1997/2005 Editor/Director; Rumble; Empire State
Andy Kemp
Hell's Pavement; The Power of Art: Turner; Panorama - Guns, Knives and Children
Iain Kitching
My Brother the Devil; Babylon; The Bible
Philip Kloss
House of Saddam; Dr Who - Series IV; Daniel Deronda
Howard Lanning
In Deep - 3 series; Harbour Lights - 2 series; (both as Post Production Supervisor) Witchfinder General
Timothy Last (Assoc)
Lamb's Damnation (short); Sasquatch; The Rizen (1st Asst Ed)
Damian Leask
Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain; Seven Ages of Britain; Darwin's Dangerous Idea
Philip Lepherd
Piers Morgan: Life Stories; We Need Answers;News Knight with Sir Trevor McDonald
Fredrik Limi (Student)
Isabel; Bowling for Finchley; The Break-in - all as editor/sound editor
Ian Lloyd
Panorama: From Jail to Jihad; The Politics Show; Beyond the Pole
Beaumont Loewenthal (Student)
Broken Inside; King of Life; Where She Lies
Timothy Lovell
Mugabe and the White Aftican; Hawking; Frontline - Outbreak: The Truth about Ebola
Manolo Lozano (Assoc)
Corporate Films for: Wellcome Trust; AWEMA; Medco International
Connla Lyons (Assoc)
Northside Focus; Ethel and Ernest (asst editor); Pollen (short)
Sean Lyons (Assoc)
Nicolas Roeg; Hoff the Record; New Britain Street (all as Avid Edit Asst)
Jamie McCoan
Poirot - the Mystery of the Blue Train 2005; Waking the Dead: Breaking Glass 2003; Inspector Morse 2000
Barry McCormick
Fergal McGrath
Cutting Edge: Raoul Moat; Bad Fellas; Children of the Revolution
Sam McHugh
The Making of 'Walking with Dinosaurs'; Boris Johnson: The Irresistable Rise; Panorama (5 eps)
Sean Mackenzie
The Cult of the Suicide Bomber; Arena - Richard Attenborough; Arena - Francis Bacon
Nick Mabbett
Step Up to the Plate (3 Eps); Ready Steady Cook! Series 22; Can't Read Can't Write
Inigo Manby (Assoc)
The Craftsman(Short);Inspector George Gently (1 ep); The Girl in the Dress (Short) - all as asst ed
Stefania Marangoni
Semi-Skimmed (Short); Reality Bites (Director & Editor); Dinner for Six (Editor & Sound Editor)
David Martin
Magnificent Ambersons; Passion of Ayn Rand; The Englishman who went up a Hill but came down a Mountain
John Martin
Future Weapons; Panorama (eps); Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared
Luisa M Martínez Arcaraz
Anhelo (Short); La Teniente; Maestros Olvidados;
Adam Masters
Conor Meechan
The Sparticle Mystery (4 eps); Crime (Short); Regression (Short)
Vernon Messenger
Death Train (Dialogue Editor); Licence to Kill (Sound Editor); The Wicker Man (Sound Editor)
Alan Miller
Adventurer's Guide to Britain; Save Our Sharks; Baboons with Bill Bailey
Finlay Milne
Two Men in a Trench; The Spy Who Conned Me; Hospital (eps)
Jonathan Morris
The Wind that Shakes the Barley;Jimmy's Hall;I Daniel Blake
Andy Morrison
Hotel Babylon Series 4; Hotel Babylon Series 3; Panorama - episodes and specials
Boyd Nagle
The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice; Music Moghuls: Myth Makers; Horizon: The End of the Solar System (all as Online Editor)
Soul Nazemi
Tonight: Tower Special; Panorama: Queen & Country; Mugabe at 90
Angus Newton
Foyle's War; Ella and the Mothers; The Crow Road
Andreas Nold (Assoc)
Fishermans Friends; Britannia S2; In the Cloud - all as 1st Asst Ed
StJohn O'Rorke
Start a Life Backwards; Casualty 1906; Planespotting
Owen Parker
Conspiracy; Obsession:Dark Desires; Escape from a Nazi Death Camp
Charlotte Peachey (Student)
Barry Peters
Nick Pitt
Dispatches: MPs - Are They Still At It?; EastEnders; Casualty
Matt Platt-Mills
The Machine; Grabbers; The Enfield Haunting; The Alienist
David Preston
Grenfell Tower: Minute by Minute; The Jeremy Thorpe Scandal; Panorama - Is Labour Anti-Semitic?
Chris Quick
In Search of Che; The Greyness of Autumn (short); Electric Faces (short)
Miguel E Rebagliato (Student)
Wasted(Asst Ed; The Night Manager (asst ed)
Adam Richardson
Panorama (eps); Dispatches (eps); This World - Jihadi Brides
Julia Riding
How Drugs Work - Cannabis; Gavin Stamp's Orient Express; Dispatches: Election Un-spun-How to Win Power
Julian Rodd
Freedom from Fear; The Secret of Moonacre; Ultimate Force IV - Charlie Bravo
Polly Rose
One Born Every Minute; Life on the List; Meet the Ancestors
Merethe Rosvold
Round Trip Ticket; Criss Angel; Marty (Unplugged)
Christopher Rowlands
Jason Savage
Escape to the Legion; Smallpox - Silent Weapon; Hughie Green - Most Sincerely
Philip Scaife (Assoc)
The Wedding Video (Data Wrangler); Spirit Warriors (Asst Editor); The Last Station (Asst Editor)
Robert Sealey (Assoc)
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation; Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (all as Asst Ed)
Ruta Sile (Student)
After the Dance (Short);Beachy Head (Short);Hacia El Oeste/Westbound (Short)
Brian Sinclair
The Cement Garden (Associate Editor); Come Outside; Last Chance
David Sinclair
Indochine; Christopher Reeve - Keeping Hope in Motion; D-Day in Colour
Paul Martin Smith
Mind Hunters; Behind Enemy Lines; Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace
David Spiers
Nice Guy Eddie; Darkness Falls; Our Friends in the North
Simon Starling
Gone For a Walk; Amendment; Companies Like Yours
Jonathan Stirling
Image Matters; Now That's History (Offline Editor); Big Brother 2011(Offline Editor)
Victoria Storey
Pilgrim House;Gardeners' World; Rip Off Britain
Marc Swadel
Order My Steps; 7 Days; The Munch Box
Amy Swan (Assoc)
The Quiet One (Asst Ed); Glass Houses (Assembly Ed);Hetty Feather (1ep)
Andrew Swarbrick (Assoc)
Horrible Histories Trail;Cbeebies Prom Trail;Our School, CBBC Trail
Matti Szlajcher
ESPN 'Kicks'; Legend on Legend 'Merckx & Hinault'; Wheeler Dealers
Mark Talbot-Butler
Darklands; Exam; Top Gear (25 eps)
Trace Taylor
Walking the Amazon; Emma, Change the Name(Short); All the Wild Horses
Anna Thorpe (Student)
Benjamin Wainwright-Pearce
Kasabian Live! Live at the O2; Blur: New World Towers; Sing: Ultimate Acappella
Trevor Waite
Beyond the Sea; 24hr Party People; Wonderland 2000
Martin Walsh
Thunderbirds (2004); Chicago; Iris
John Wigger
Lost Land of the Tiger; Lock Up; Secret Millionaire
David de Wilde
Dr Strangelove (Editorial Dept); Black Gunn (Supervising Film Editor); The Honorary Consul (Additional Editor)
Deborah Williams
I am the Elephant Man; Big Cat Diary; Bear Grylls - Man vs Wild
Laurence Williamson
Coming Home - Bowe Bergdahl vs The United States; Ireland with Ardal O'Hanlon; Man and Beast with Martin Clunes
Thomas Wiltshire (Student)
Adam Windmill
Anyone You Want; The Mighty Boosh (Pilot); The League of Gentlemen
Will Winfield (Assoc)
The Hidden Track; Boxing Sisters; Come Out of the Woods (Asst Editor)
Henry Wood
Afghanistan: War Without End; Squeamish; Panorama (eps)
Russ Woolnough
Tristan and Isolde; Hairy Tale; The Mystics (all as Post-Production Supervisor)
Amanda Young
Close Calls on Camera; Sean Bean on Waterloo; Wild France with Ray Mears

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