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The Guild of British Film and Television Editors is an association of editors in the British Film and Television Industries.

The Guild's aims are to:

The GBFTE aims to promote the importance of the editor's contribution to film making and encourage discussion between editors about technical and creative matters. It also promotes the improvement and protection of the role and rights of an editor or assistant as an essential and significant contributor to all productions.

The Guild is one of the founding members of the Cine Guilds of Great Britain, CGGB, an organisation of the craft guilds of the film industry.

Events and news

To keep up with Guild events and news, visit our public Facebook page, which is visible to non-Facebook members.



Membership categories

FULL Membership (£75 per year) is available to individuals who have a proven track record in crafting the moving image.

ASSOCIATE Membership (£50 per year) is available to individuals who do not meet the qualifications of a Full Member but who are engaged in crafting the moving image.

Editors working as post production supervisors are also eligible for Associate Membership of the GBFTE.

STUDENT Membership (£10 per year) is available to persons undertaking a course in screen editing or gaining experience in the craft of editing. A maximum of three years in this category is allowed before then considering a move to Associate or Full Membership.

Only Full Members and Associate Members have the right to use GBFTE or GBFTE (Assoc) on their personal credit.

New members pay a joining fee equivalent to one year's subscription in addition to the first year's membership.

Annual subscriptions are payable on 1st June. Members joining between December and June will receive a 50% reduction in that year's subscription.


Editors (or students) wishing to become members can apply direct to the Board of Governors.

Please download the PDF membership form. Once you have completed it please email to secretary@gbfte.org or post to the Guild Secretary (address can be found on the form).

Personal details of potential members are retained by the GBFTE in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Contact us

The Guild can be contacted through the secretary at secretary@gbfte.org